Tuesday, January 1, 2019

31 December 2018 Ocala and occasionally Jacksonville

     Hip hip hooray!!! Our sofa finally arrived on 1 December---an indication of a good month to come! Now our guests don't have to bring their own chairs nor sit on the floor.

     We began the month with Bill and some of his car aficionados went to the Garlits Car Museum for the day and they loved it. I think we've landed in Paradise.

     In the evening that day, we went to George and Donna's home for Happy Hour and to bring in the last month of 2018. Our Larkhill Family seems to be most proficient at finding even the most insignificant reason to toast.

     The following day we attended the Christmas musical presentation of the choral group of our development. 

     Love the proximity to 2 gyms and 3 pools. In a group class we had to grab a ball and look what I pulled out of the bin--a Bender Ball. How apropos!

     Larkhill Elves decorated both gates into our neighborhood making our entry festive. They also put Santa hats on all the mailboxes.

     Bill and 'the boys' went to a local venue for a car show. He thinks he's died and gone to Classic Car Heaven! Our 2nd son, Geoff, also had a birthday that day---46, he is!!! These kids need to slow this aging!

     The performing arts center here on campus has outstanding entertainment and we were fortunate to hear the Atlantic City Boys. They were fantastic and so much fun.

     We took a little drive to Rainbow River with the "special" car group and had lunch at Swampy's Bar and Grill. Beautifully clear water.

     Then that evening, we attended the Candler Hills Christmas Party at our beautiful Lodge with a catered meal.  Under this development of On Top of the World's umbrella, is OTOW General, Indigo, quite a few more and Candler Hills under which Larkhill, our neighborhood, is the newest area.

      I met a couple at the pool, Bob and Barbie, from the UK and Canada. They were so interesting so we planned to meet for breakfast at the Pub just off the Pickle Ball courts and an outdoor 50 meter pool. We had a most enjoyable morning chatting with new friends.

     One afternoon I attended a lecture, The Hilarity of the English Language. It was fun and led by a very well educated, talented, and well-traveled presenter.

     Both of us attended a community meeting with our County Commissioner as the featured presenter. Following, a landscape architect spoke on efficient water use, conservation, and indigenous plants we should consider for our lawns. He was excellent and inspiring!

     The second week of the month (10 weeks since we moved in!!!), we finally got our mattress and foundation. How good it felt to move into our own bedroom albeit it sans dresser, one night stand, and window treatment.

     The same evening we attended Tim and Marcie's Christmas Open House and while loving the spread, we couldn't wait to dive into our new bed hoping it felt as good as does the same brand mattress on our boat.

     There's an art instructor here that I took classes from last winter. She's excellent and here's the fruit of my labor from that morning.

      One of our Larkhill song birds invited the entire neighborhood to their home to loosen up our vocal cords with some Christmas Cheer and then we all went caroling. That was a bunch of fun and hope it becomes a tradition for Larkhill.

     Bill bought a membership to the Woodshop here and he is head over heels. He has quite a bit of tools, etc., here (seems to me) but the shop has state of the art equipment that would take several barns to house.

     Our oldest grandson had his 18th birthday!!! Seems as though I should feel like Methuselah but I don't. They're all getting older but we aren't. How does that work?

     We feel as if we have enough furnishings to have friends in so right before Christmas, we entertained 4 evenings in a row, skipped a day, then went to neighbor's on Christmas Eve to welcome the anticipated arrival of Santa.

     I heard some lamentations about no excuses for a party after NYE till Valentine's. We were a couple days before the full moon so we invited the whole kit and caboodle of Larkhillians to bring their chair, a refreshing beverage and come to our house for our first Full Moon Party aka Howl at the Moon Party. There were meteorite showers that night which we didn't see but the moon rise was spectacular. After a bit of howling we all went our separate ways. Tom and Elaine have stepped up to host the event in January. These folks are looking for any reason at all to party so here we go!!!

     NYE morning was spectacular in every way and a tad of exercise with good intentions for more seemed a good start to end 2018. The weather is absolutely gorgeous so we saddled up our bikes and took off for a 15 mile ride as we gradually condition the parts of our anatomy with which our saddles contact in anticipation of longer rides. I kept falling behind because when I'd see oak trees near the street, I'd slow down and ride by the curb so I could pop the acorns. Then I'd laugh all alone and by myself while Bill's patiently waiting and rolling his eyes. I often think I'm a 78 year old 4 year old!!!

    An underlying motive was to get tired so we could nap and stay awake till the party begins at 8. Usually I'm preparing to shuffle off to bed about that time. Bill napped but my wheels kept turning so will start my coffee consumption.

     NYE we're all headed to The Lodge to sweep 2018 under the rug as we add golden intentions for a better 2019 although 2018 was quite excellent for us. Happy New Year, All!!!

Bill and Laura
9128 SW 82nd Lane
Ocala, FL 34481
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