Thursday, February 28, 2019

28 February 2019 GRAND FINALE!!! So long to 13 years of blogging from Ocala, FL

     This issue concludes 13 years of blogging. Now that we’ve become CLODS (Cruisers Living on Dirt), our lives are like everyone else’s so until we take flight in our coach, there’ll be no more blogging and maybe not even then. May just use Facebook as our way of letting you know if we’re doing anything other than living here in our Bubble.

     Our eldest, Chadwick, Jr., and granddaughter, Izzi, both had early February birthdays. They just keep getting older yet I stay the same age. Don’t understand how that is.

     Bill visited his 89 year old sister in upstate NY and, luckily, he was there for a week between blizzards. He just can’t tolerate temps below 60 degrees anymore so the weather seemed orchestrated with him in mind.

     We love ABBA. Have seen the performance on Broadway, the ‘’official ABBA sanctioned’ troupe in Clayton, NY, and again here this month, as well as the movie a couple times. Great happy music!!!

     I participated in several Martin Luther King and Black History Month events and learned so much as well as broadened my horizons. Unforgettable functions.

     We celebrated Valentine’s Day quite festively, at our Beautiful Lodge. Great food, fun, libations, and music. It seemed as if all the women were in red!

     Of course we had a Full Moon party hosted by neighbors, Terry and Barb. Thankfully, it wasn’t so cold this month, albeit it very cloudy so no moon could we see but that didn’t stop the fun, fellowship, and an excuse to gather with neighbors.

     Friends, Cozette and John, from New Smyrna Beach, came for an overnight visit and we had a wonderful time listening to John play and sing his original songs and catching up since last we saw them so long ago.

     While they were here, we went to view horse jumping--a new experience for the four of us.

     Bill closed out the month with a trip to a Model T gathering in St. Augustine

while I attended an incredible presentation by an Emmy award-winning National Geographic film maker, Mark Emery. He presented his documentary film, highlighting the historic, economic, and environmental significance of Silver Springs. Through the eyes of 4 Americans who, incidentally, are black, and were the glass bottom boat drivers, who have a combined 200 years of experience on the river.  Emery delivered an engaging story of Silver Springs, the history of segregation at the springs, and the coming of age of these remarkable ambassadors for nature. The film told the history and ecology of Silver Springs through the people who lived it as it unfolded. It is a film legacy with remaining boat drivers who are able to share this story. After the presentation, Emery and several of the boat captains, shared additional insights and stories about their experiences. This was a gem of a presentation and opportunity.

     It’s difficult to believe that we end our first 5 months in our new home tomorrow. Time in certainly flying but we’re both extremely busy with Bill’s Old Car Club that he initiated, pickle ball to which he’s become addicted, his French class that he loves, and my swimming and working out with a great trainer. 

     Our weather is gorgeous but there always seems to be a freeze soon’s trees are budding and flowers blossoming.  Tomorrow begins Spring and Daylight Savings Time is not far behind.  Hope to see you on Facebook.

Bill and Laura Bender
9128 SW 82nd Lane
Ocala, FL 34481
864 525 5236

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28 February 2019 GRAND FINALE!!! So long to 13 years of blogging from Ocala, FL

     This issue concludes 13 years of blogging. Now that we’ve become CLODS (Cruisers Living on Dirt), our lives are like everyone ...