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30 November 2018 Ocala, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Ocala, Tampa, Ocala

     It's impossible to believe that a month ago today we closed and began the arduous task of moving in. In that month we've received furniture ONLY for our guest suite and that's where we're sleeping for lack of our own completed bedroom. It'll be well broken in before our first guests arrive. The remainder is promised by Christmas. It was ordered in March, delivered in October but 2 of the 5 cartons looked as if they'd been dropped from the Empire State Building so we're awaiting replacements.  We hope Santa can get down the chimney with the anticipated pieces without creating anymore firewood and splinters. We're so looking forward to being able to have overnight guests and neighbors over but at this point, they'd have to bring their own chairs!!!

     We started off the month, 1 November, on the Pickle Ball courts at 7:30. We're new to this game but are loving it and the aerobic conditioning that it's providing. Bill's really making great strides in improvement. The seasoned players are so friendly, welcoming, and patient with newbies.  I'm still working with a personal trainer trying to get this old and neglected bod back in shape. I'm rejecting 'round' as an acceptable shape.

     If you know Bill only vaguely, you'll know he, among many other things, is an old classic car guy. A friend planned a little back-roads trip for 1 November, to a unique lunch place and since then many others have said, "sign us up". Mid-December we're planning a similar excursion and from the response, believe we're going to have quite a parade. May need a police escort.  Only kidding.

     For years Bill has coveted homes that we see in passing that have roomy garages. Now he doesn't need to lust anymore--he has his own. I'm so sorry I ever teased him about his anal-ness because every day I'm absolutely amazed at what he's concocted. Nothing's on the floor. Everything is stacked or on shelves with labels or in labeled drawers. "Cutting tools", "Small screwdrivers", "Large screwdrivers", "SAE Metric", and there is no end. His garage is a work of art and it makes my heart swell to see him playing in his long hungered after garage. He give 'garage' a new definition and it's not just a place to park cars.

     Even though this is a golf cart community, I'm holding out. Everywhere we go inside our community, we ride our bikes. If we had a cart, we'd be plopping our big fat behinds in it instead of getting some exercise. In 6 weeks I've cycled 200 miles just running errands, going to the gym, pool, etc. We've not yet gone on a ride--these are just what would've been golf cart miles. This is such a beautiful and safe place to cycle.

     Last Friday I signed up for a boat load of Life Long Learning courses---guitar, acrylic as well as watercolor painting, Spanish, and several lectures. On Top of the World, Candler Hills, and Larkhill each have a Face Book page on which I saw a comment by someone asking how he could be so lonely living in such a huge and beautiful place. Ironically, there's a LLL class on how to make friends when moving into a retirement community. We've found the best way is to just walk out your front door. We haven't encountered an unfriendly person nor a grump yet.

     I'm still exploring and experimenting with fitness classes. On my bucket list for years has been ballet so that's semi-checked off. I took a Barre class in my endeavor to replicate Pavlova. The entire experience was hysterical and I wanted to burst out laughing but just resisted by grinning a lot. I'll go back this next week for Beginning Ballet but I don't see myself rushing out the door to purchase a tu tu anytime soon. Not real sure this is my cup of tea.

     Bill's made 2 trips to Jax to the boat so far this month varnishing, making the engine room clean enough to eat off the floor, changing fluids, etc., in anticipation of meeting with a broker next week. In 5 trips, he's filled our little vehicle to the brim with stuff from the boat. He said in 1 or 2 more trips, he may have her emptied. We're discovering things we had forgotten that we have. You know, for old folks, every day's a brand new experience even if it's the same as yesterday!!!

     Continuing with that thought, for folks who park their car and blink a couple of times which erases their brain, this is a solution for helping them find their vehicle.

     Bill and a friend drove over Daytona's Turkey Run, the largest car show and swap meet in the US. Nothing followed him home but I'm certain some seeds were planted.

     Bill's reason for wanting a large garage is to fill it with a long dreamt of car collection. Today, the last day of November, this followed him home. He is one happy man!!! It's now a roommate to the TR6 and awaiting the Model A, yet to come.

     Thanksgiving and my birthday have come and gone and were near the end of the month. We're still impatiently awaiting our rug and furniture. Hopefully by the end of next month, we'll be 'complete'. 

Merry Christmas to you and your families!

Bill and Laura
Ocala, FL

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