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31 August 2018 Solomons, MD - Slaughter Creek Marina - Cambridge Marina - Oxford Yacht Yard - St. Michaels Marina - Solomons - Hills Bay, VA

16 August
     We’re flying at 8.3 kts across the bay from Herrington Harbor to Solomons Island. We’ve got The Force with us and we’re really cooking!  Look at that speed. Could it be that we’re cruising down hill?

     All of us descended on Solomons Island Yacht Club in time to join the local
members for cocktails. We followed our whetted appetites across the street for dinner at The Pier. Mother Nature treated us to a wonderful Patuxent River sunset. 

17 August

    Again tonight we joined the locals at SIYC for cocktails which became a VERY happy happy hour. We then adjourned to the Lighthouse Restaurant and Dock Bar for dinner. 

18 August

     Morning sky from Solomon’s Island Yacht Club.



                                   Cute little Dragon Boat rowers

     Before our departure, we had fun watching Dragon Boat Races in Solomons this morning. That looks like some hard work.

     Seems as if this 2 week cruise will be a caloric gastronomic experience of eating our way around the Chesapeake.

19 August

     Onward to Slaughter Creek Marina. Austin, TX, has a Slaughter Creek named after someone but can't dig up the origin of MD's Slaughter Creek, but there’s gotta be a story there.

     As we were all enjoying the salt water pool, the marina owner appeared with trays of Orange Crushes that were absolutely tantalizing and so refreshing.

20 August

     Arrived Cambridge today and are checking out the RAR Brewing Company as we sample their craft beers and evaluate their fare.

     Then on to The High Spot for dinner and more Dark and Stormys with 24 of our bestest friends. We’re all about supporting the local economy.

21 August

     Seems we need a carrot to pull our bods out of the bed and into our walking duds for our group 7:30 walk each morning. This morning we savored a repast at Blackwater Bakery where they served up waffles, omelets, and freshly made cranberry and blueberry muffins with eye-opening dark roast coffee.

     When we decided to sell our boat, I wanted a gold pendant as a permanent reminder. Chesapeake Jewelers made this for me and delivered it yesterday. They did a magnificent job. The fly bridge full enclosure supports appear filigreed. I am absolutely THRILLED! They have a site if you're interested in custom made jewelry. Michael's design work is spectacular.

                          Not a speck of make up and I don't even care!!!

22 August

     Farewell to quaint little Cambridge and we're all steaming on to Oxford.  Other than this 2 week cruise being a blast with 20+ fun people, we've gotten quite a bit of exposure with our For Sale signs. Yesterday we showed her 3 times and this morning another couple came over---with a bottle of wine!!!

     Dinner tonight at Capsize and everyone raved about their meals. A bonus was the homemade ice cream right next door.

                                                 Just trying to get my puppy-fix

     Following our morning walk, an invigorating way to start the day, we had breakfast at the Robert Morris Inn. The inn, which is a tribute to the architectural beauty of the 18th century, was constructed by ships’ carpenters before 1710 with wooden pegged paneling, ships' nails and hand-hewn beams.  About 20 years later, an English trading company bought the house as a residence for Robert Morris who represented the firm’s shipping business in Oxford.

23 August

     This morning was cool as our walking group traipsed through this little village making for a very enjoyable beginning to our day. We stopped at The Market for a freshly baked and still warm muffin.

     After getting everything buttoned down, we pulled out one at a time with most of us headed for our last 2 nights of this cruise to St. Michaels.

     St. Michael's Marina erected a tent for our cocktail hour adjacent to the pool, then we shuffled off to dinner at the marina restaurant.

25 August

                 Cute and tiny little island house. I could live here!

     This was Farmers' Market day and I latched on to some wonderfully acidic tomatoes after our walk which led us down a Rail-Trail asphalt path. Carpenter's Saloon was the perfect place for a breakfast fit for a lumber jack.

     The guys headed to the old car museum and the shoppers of the family hit every single shop on both sides of the street.

     In the evening we congregated beneath our tent then returned to the Saloon for dinner. This was our Swan Song.

26 August

     The real grand finale was Crepes by the Bay after our walk. We were seated outside beneath a tent and the food---from presentation to tantalizing our taste buds, was exquisite.

     "Parting is such sweet sorrow" as we bade our cruising friends farewell. Each of us aimed the pointy part of our trawlers in a different direction with intentions of our wakes crossing again.

     We had a beautiful day of crossing the bay but were most eager to drop the hook soon's the water became shallow enough at Solomons. We anchored at the entrance to Back Creek where we cherished the rocking and swinging all night. 

     The rising moon was red, huge, and beautiful! My photos never do nature justice.

27 August

     Washburn's Boatyard has done work for us several times in the past and they're excellent so we paid them a visit for some things that needed attention.

28 August

     The service man was there bright and early. I was on the bridge with my coffee and a book but Rip Van Winkle was still studying the backs of his eye lids. The repair was accomplished and we headed again to Curt and Judy's dock in Lusby. We're just like a bad penny and we keep showing up.  

     In the evening we were at the yacht club for happy hour where we met a couple on their way to their home port in NC aboard their 28' Rosborough. That's such a cute little boat. The Larsens, another couple, and Bill and I went to a new Thai restaurant for a delicious dinner. I expect Thai Seacoast to do well.

29 August

     Judy and Curt kindly loaned us their car to provision, do laundry, and run umpteen errands which took us 7 hours. We were pooped after that spree and getting everything stowed. We enjoyed a glass of wine with them then headed to a pizza joint. Think I was in bed and asleep before 8:30. We were toast!

30 August

     T'was sad to say goodbye to Judy and Curt, other friends there, and Solomons itself, but it's time to head south. We fueled at Calvert Marina and are loving every second of our cruise across the bay. 

     We cruised about 50 miles which is a long day for us. The bay can sometimes be nasty and then it's called the Chesapuke but it has been most wonderful for us each time we're on the bay. We anchored in Hills Bay right off the Piankatank. We had a little wind and a nice rain shower which enhances sleeping on the water.

31 August

     We weighed anchor at first light this morning in hopes of visiting with our granddaughter in Norfolk then making it to Great Bridge---both of which remain to be seen. 

     Today marks the end of a most wonderful month of cruising as we head to FL.

Bill and Laura Bender
Cruising the Chesapeake Bay


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