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30 June 2018 Solomons, MD, - Washington, DC, - Greenville, SC, - Ocala, FL, Calleo, VA, St. Mary's, VA

2 June
     What a fun day to end the week. Yesterday and today we watched the Blues from the dock and no matter how many times I watch them, it's always a thrill and makes me have "wet eyes".

AND, another celebration is this pool! First time I've swum since May 2017, and it felt fabulous. Almost like uniting with a long lost lover. 

3 June
We're on our fly bridge enjoying the gentle rocking provided for us by torrents of wind and rain and watching the Grand Banks and Kadey Krogen dancing around their mooring balls. It’s once again sweat shirt weather.

4 June
     Dusk is settling in and we’re on our fly bridge reflecting on our lives, this day, and friendships. The only sounds are the chirping of crickets and the throbbing of the crab boats' engines, returning with their day’s catch.

7 June
We had an interesting day today and both occurrences were serendipities. We're both over-due a filet mignon. Haven't had once since Brunswick, GA. We'd seen good reviews for Jerry's Place which we found in a tire store in Prince Frederick. Soon's we walked in, Jerry was there to greet us, asked if this was our first time, inquired as to our fave seafood.... Told him we were really puckered up for a steak. Said he didn’t have those but had the best crab cakes in...the world. They brought us menus and a small bowl of kale, one of stewed tomatoes, and one of small pieces of haddock. Bill ordered haddock and I, a 6 oz crab cake. I was quite underwhelmed with the crab cake. A pickle came with it--all for close to $30. Seemed more like an appetizer. Bill loved his fish but $60+ for lunch was a tad on the pricey side, me thought. And we drank water---tap water!!! Staff was friendly and when we left and had exited the restaurant, the hostess came running after us asking how we liked it and told us about things to do and see in the area. Quite a friendly bunch. Interior's quite eclectic. Jerry personally greets everyone who enters his portals albeit a mite steep for lunch...and faucet water...and in a tire store???!!!

Then we went to Cove Point Lighthouse which sits on a 7 acre point of land in one of the narrowest parts of the Chesapeake Bay. It was built in 1828 and is the oldest continuously operating lighthouse and the 5th oldest on the Bay. The docent was a very interesting little man who told several humorous tales and showed a video. We weren't allowed to climb the stairs to the lantern room but I thought the pattern the stairs made was interesting.

7 June
This is what it looks like when you have your ducks in a row.

8 June

     We found a nearby 7 mile hike today through the woods and the only sounds were birds communicating and the leaves crunching beneath our feet. This tree aspires to be a letter and the little patch of bright green moss catapulted me back to my childhood when I’d pretend it was fairy carpet.

 I love a stroll through unadulterated nature. I think this limb wanted to join the alphabet.

9 June
     A late lunch with Nancy, Ted, Martha, and Charles at Kingfisher's where we enjoyed great food, great company, and tons of hysterical laughter. Thanks, Nancy for choreographing that.

13 June

     We’re out for a nostalgic cruise and a respite at anchor. 

     We cruised past this is a restful point at Calvert Marina on our way to brunch.
Our cruise to Cockold Creek (there's gotta be a story behind that name) was calm and peaceful. We anchored for brunch alfresco, napped, read, played in the water, and returned to our slip in time to meet Judy and Curt at Solomon's Yacht Club for dinner. 

      Our approach to the Patuxent River Bridge. The Blue Marble is for Blue Mind endeavor.

A tall ship arrived next to the yacht club. 

Our wake after going under the bridge.

     We arrived home just in time to see a crimson sky lit from the setting sun. Nothing beats a day on the water and with boating friends---the best kind of folks.

14 June

Since we love DC, we don't need much of a reason to go there, we thought a visit to the Apple Store would be enough of an enticement.

    We drove from Solomons, parked, and took the Metro and our feet to visit old haunts. The day was filled with lots of nostalgia as we revisited our home marina and some of our fave places in Washington. It was like returning home. Everything and everywhere is just so familiar to us. We walked ten miles without even realizing it. The ethnic and cultural diversity is one of the aspects of the city that I really appreciate and find so enticing.

15 June

     Long time cruising friends, Peg and Jim, cruised through on their way home to Pasadena, MD, and were at friends' dock on Mill Creek--Judy and Curt. We took happy hour over to their boat and had a fantastic evening catching up on our lives since last we met. 

17 June
     I met with a group of 30 members of our trawler organization for dinner at Solomons' Pier Restaurant. Great food, view, and fellowship.

21 June

     The pre-drywall walk-through of our new home in Ocala went well. Tentative move in date is mid-September.

24 June
     This is most certainly a cultural experience! The Chesapeake Cowboys ramming their boats in an Extreme Docking Contest. It was hotter than blazes with no shade in sight. Thankfully that's checked off our bucket list.

25 June

     At noon-thirty, we departed Calvert Marina, Solomons, MD, after 8 weeks of being there to clean and clean and clean and provision. Can’t explain the joy that fills our souls to feel water moving beneath our hull! Didn't take long to realize that the bay wasn't welcoming so instead of it being the Chesapeake, we'd prolly have to rename it the Chesapuke Bay. So off we went to find a protected anchorage--which we did where we were at anchor for 3 days and 2 nights waiting out the bay. A great time of reflection, reading, and painting.

27 June

     We're at last on our way and the wait was well worth it. The bay was as calm as it could be and was a wonderful day upon the water.

     Certainly a photo op not to be missed. Every time we cruise by here I take another picture. Of course, they all look the same---just with different year's dates.

     Our day of cruising was blissful and as we pulled into Lodge Creek Yacht Club/Olverson's Marina, it was just like coming home. We've met so many wonderful people here over the years and have had such great times. We always anticipate our return. Twas fun getting together with Tom and Betty on Southwind. It'd been a long time since we'd seen them making for a get time of...again...catching up.

28 June

     The Chesapeake Bay Cruisers planned a huge gathering with wonderful foods and of course, adult beverages. Visiting with old friends and making new ones constituted a very enjoyable evening. 

29 June

     Today's the 72nd birthday "of my lover and my best friend." Of course he got coffee in bed---as always, and the royal treatment all day of not having to lift his finger to do a thing---but brush his teeth. Mid afternoon we boarded Freddie's boat (he's the marina owner and has a heart as big all all outdoors) for a 2 ½ hour cruise to St. Mary's College, VA, for their 4th of July concert performed by the Chesapeake Orchestra followed by a thrilling fireworks extravaganza.

                         The Potomac River lying there like a puddle!

      It was spectacular and equally so was the cruise home on the Potomac River that was as smooth as a baby's butt and the full moon reflecting off the water. 

     Freddie was a great captain who's plied these waters all of his life and navigates them flawlessly. On board was Richard and Sandy, 2 of his friends and old (not in age) trawler friends, Lolli and Craig. Because of my poor photographic skills, I can never photograph the moon as beautiful as it is. 

     For once in our lives and I'm blaming it on "extraneous circumstances", we don't have a detailed itinerary due to a period of being in limbo but you can be certain that July will be another entertaining adventure.

This has nothing to do with anything. We just thought it was cute.

Bill and Laura
Calleo, VA

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